About Me

Hey there! I'm Paula :)

I've been working as a frontend developer for the past 12 years. I witnessed the jQuery/AngularJS frenzy and OOCSS, and I've experienced the loss of Google Reader, Geocities, and Orkut, as well as the rise of ReactJS.

I fell in love with the Web in the late 90s, browsing through shrines, blogs, Altavista, Cadê (for my Brazilian friends), and Yahoo Games. I dabbled with Microsoft FrontPage, built a website about anime, hosted it on Geocities, and decided that I wanted to work on building websites when I was only 14. However, that wasn't a common career path in Brazil at the time, so like most things, it was just a dream for a poor kid. It's incredible to think that 20 years later, I have had the opportunity to create web experiences for companies like Vimeo, Planned Parenthood, and Epic Games.

Random Facts


This is heavily inspired by the work done by Sara Soueidan, Tania Rascia, Lea Verou, Maggie Appleton and Andy Bell.